My name is Werner and I am a software developer from the Netherlands. I have a bachelor of engineering with a specialisation in interactive media products.

As a professional I build stuff for the web. The roles I have had over the years are eitherFullstack developer or Web (frontend) developer. I have been doing this as a professional since I graduated in 2013.

My currently prefered tech-stack is React/TypeScript for the frontend and C#/.NET for the backend. In the past I have also worked with other techniques such as JQuery (way back), Angular and Ruby on Rails. I have experience deploying code to Linux VMs, Microsoft Azure App services and Kubernetes clusters.

I enjoy good UX

Unfortunately there are too many shitty websites and applications with really poor user experience on the internet. Sometimes I do not even understand how people come up with some of their shitty design/interaction decisions.

I like to work on products that are a delight to use. That means logical user flows, an interface that gives meaningfull feedback and an interface that responds quickly to user interactions.

I do not believe in web3.0 bullshit

I do not want an internet that is controlled by big tech and web3 bullshit like blockchains and NFTs. Instead I want to own and control my own data, and privacy should be default. That means I run Linux on my computer and do not have privacy invading analytics on this website. As a result you do not have to deal with a stupid cookiebar. You're welcome.