About me

My background

My name is Werner and I am a software developer from the Netherlands. I have a bachelor of engineering with a specialisation in interactive media products.

My journey on the world wide web started when I was still a teenager. I wanted to learn how to build websites so I started experimenting with HTML/CSS and later also PHP. Some time after that Flash and Actionscript3.0 came around and I started playing around with that as well.

Remember 2advanced.com from back in the day? That is the kind of stuff I admired. I wanted to create cool stuff for the web. I have spent a lot of my free time making senseless experiments just for fun.

I have studied Media technology at the Hogeschool Utrecht where I graduated in 2013. I have done my graduation internship in Beijing, China. Here I created a mobile app that can be used to practice mandarin.

Besides my bachelor I have also spent 1 year in Sweden where I followed a 1 year datascience program at the university of Skövde.

After graduation I have worked for digital agencies, consultancy firms and large enterprises. At those organisations I have gained experience with several languages and frameworks but C#/.NET and React/TypeScript became my prefered tools for building modern web applications.

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